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The blow fallen no greiving can ammend.
- Robert Browning

  January 8
New Site
New strategy site for your pleasure. - 8:17pm [Ænima]
Atleus informs me of a new Myth Site entitled The Connacht Head on over and check it out. The focus seems to be strategy, but they have some rants worth reading, as well. This site has many long-time Myth players and is worth checking out.

  January 6
Myth II v1.1 In Stores Tomorrow
Reports now confirmed by Bungie - 8:45pm [Ferrex]
On top of a few more reader reports, we have recieved confirmation from Bungie that Myth II version 1.1, which contains the fixed PC uninstaller app, will be begin appearing in stores tomorrow. More and more stores will be recieving their copies as the week progresses, so break out that tent and set up camp outside your preferred vendor.

I imagine that people who preordered from places such as Electronics Boutique will have their copies in the mail soon, too. Here's hoping b.net will be in top form when the new users start arriving!

Newest Masochist
You will be assimilated. - 3:15pm [Ænima]
I work for The Codex now! Ferrex and Malory will probably be doing the news more than I will, but I'll pop up when you least expect it and make you fear for your life.

That is all.

Trial By Combat Tidbits
Hosts and contenders - 3:10pm [Ferrex]
According to the TBC website, as pointed out by Butcher, the tournament organizers are still looking for hosts to help out with this tournament. If you have a fast connection and some spare time, swing by and get in touch.

One a related note, the tourney is currently boasting 235 entrants, and they are looking to get 384 so that it may be expanded to seven draws. If you're interested in some wick tournament play, stop by and register today.

MacAddict Giveaway
Quick! Not much time left - 3:10pm [Ferrex]
Kudos to the guys at the Townhall, who picked this up just in time.

MacAddict is running a Myth II giveaway at their site, and will be giving away two copies of Myth II per day until January 8th. Two days left, people! Swing by pronto if you're interested in a free copy (which is, after all, the best copy).

  January 5
Soundtrack in the Works
I can't wait for this one... - 10:55pm [Ferrex]
A really big slab of kudos to Midnight, who reports having been in contact with Marty O'Donnell of Total Audio (the studio that created Myth's sounds) regarding a soundtrack CD for Myth II. This is what Marty had to say:

"The Myth II soundtrack at this point is over 53 minutes long and, in my own humble opinion, has lots more "music" this time. I really like it a lot and I hope others do too. At least I hope a nice substantial percentage of the Myth fan community buys one! Here's how it works; we spend a huge portion of our lives making something cool, and then lots of people buy it, enabling us to do even cooler stuff in the future. My vision is getting some of my Chicago Symphony friends (no joke) to help record an extended "Myth Suite" for release on a future soundtrack CD. What do you think, anyone interested in hearing that?"

You can sign me up for one, and a copy of any future soundtrack CD's as well. As Midnight suggests, people interested in this should swing by Total Audio's site, at http://www.mythcodex.com/ and voice your support!

Myth II Desktop Theme
Eat drink breathe work Myth II - 10:45pm [Ferrex]
Nogbad, guru of Myth desktop themes, has put together a new offering for those wanting to add Myth II to their collections of themes:

I've finished my Myth 2 desktop theme for the PC (yeah, yeah, Macs rule the world) and it's available at Nogbad's Black Castle... http://www.mythcodex.com/
There's also some icons, wallpaper and animated cursors.

Anyone out there have a nifty Mac theme ready for the public? I can just imagine the things you could do with Kaleidoscope 2.1...

Creation Group Site Up
Creators of a new Myth scenario online - 10:45pm [Ferrex]
Ares sends word of a new website open to the public:

Hey everyone! The official website of the Creation group is now open for business. It features a complete rundown of our upcoming scenario, Myth: Coming of the Dark. Interested? Go HERE!!!

Unless my memory fails me, which it often does, this new scenario is actually a prequel to Myth: The Fallen Lords, focussing on the rise of the Dark. Certainly worth checking out.

Myth II v1.1 In Stock Soon?
Reports coming in, skepticism advised - 3:45pm [Ferrex]
Kudos to Nicodemus for sending in this little tidbit:

I just received a confirmation call from Software Etc. today that the new Myth II v1.1 will be in stock on Thursday. The wait is almost over everyone... only two more days.

Whilst those retailers are notorious for their release dates, this could be a good sign... If anyone else hears such stirrings, let us know.

Poll at Ye Olde Townhall
What was your favorite tournament? - 3:45pm [Ferrex]
Myth I tournament junky? Well, the Townhall is running a poll in which you can vote for your favorite tournament. At the moment, the Myth Association is out in the lead, with the famed Corporate Shakedown running in second, so swing by and register your vote today.
Love Em or Hate em
A plugin to silence those revellers - 12:15am [Ferrex]
We've blown them up. We've ignored them. We've let their cities fall. And now they've been gagged. Here's a quickie PR that Panamon sent in:

Carch the Shark is pleased to announce the release of "Blessed Silence," a plugin which - hooray! silences those annoying villagers on Proving Grounds and Killing Grounds. Make sure everyone in your game has it, or evil will befall everyone involved.

This plug, at 4k, is attached. It is also available http://www.mythcodex.com/. It is not compressed here or at the above site.

Poor villagers. At least blowing them up is humane...

Need to get in touch? Dig in.

Anything to add to the our sprawling megalopoly? Be sure to fill out your waivers and send it on in. After all, resistance is futile, no?

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