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The Creed

We, the Heavenly Host, have committed ourselves to making a more pleasant, safe and fun way to play Myth. We have committed ourselves to hosting games that reflect the four virutes of a good host, courtesy, community, competition and coordination.

Courtesy, a Heavenly Host game will always provide a civil atmosphere, free of offensive language, ill-tempered provocation and unnecessary rudeness. We will encourage polite conversation and we will attempt to be gracious hosts ourselves.

Community, all players will be welcome to our games regardless of rank or skill or affiliation. We will promote dialogue and will allow sufficient time for chatting. We will also try to host several games with the same players, in order to allow for a sense of continuity and comraderie.

Competition, as Heavenly Hosts we will strictly guard against cheating in our games. We will never drop a game intentionally or start before our guests are ready. We will seriously consider requests from our guests regarding game options and we will not tolerate players that intend to disrupt fair competition.

Coordination, as Heavenly Hosts we will work with bungie and their admins to stop cheating and dishonorable play. We will also follow the Host guidlines for setting up our games, so that we can be easily recognized.

Heavenly Host Guidlines

  • An HH game is easily recognizable because it has "HH" in the game title.
  • HH games always have the name of the host in their title (ie Case's Corpse Factory)
  • Heavenly Hosts always have the same name as their game title indicates.
  • More guidlines may be added later.

Finding a Host

The entire purpose of the Heavenly Host organization is to help people that want to play in fun, friendly games find them quickly and easily. To that end, we have tried to make them as recognizable as possible. Please be careful, however, since cheaters and lamers will inevitably try to imitate Hosts in order to cheat people. Here are some simple steps to finding a Heavenly Host.

  1. Find a game with HH in the title. The Hosts can be found in both ranked and unranked rooms, but you may have to take some time to find a Hosted game.
  2. Check the title for the name of the Host. All legitimate Host games will have the Host's name in the title of the game. If it doesn't, it is not a real HH game.
  3. Check to make sure that the Host's name is one of the darkened names at the bottom of the chatroom list. That way you know that the Host is actually there, and it is not a fake game.
  4. You can check to see if a Host is an official Heavenly Host by looking for their name on this page. Go here for an easily printable list.
  5. If someone does pretend to be a Heavenly Host, and then cheats you, save the film or take a screenshot, record their login name and report them.

The Host

The List has become too large to load properly, so I have moved to its own printable page.

Host Application

At the moment, there are no restrictions on who can be a Heavenly Host. All connection speeds, player types and affiliations are welcome. Understand, though, that by becoming a Host you agree to be held to a higher standard, and people will be watching you carefully. However, you will gain the support of the entire Heavenly Host organization, as well as my personal assistance if you need it. You also get the opportunity to host lots of enjoyable games. So, if you are interested in applying, mail me a note that includes the following information and has "Heavenly Host Application" as the subject.

  • Your screen name.
  • Your game title (this should include your screen name)
  • Your login name

Report a Bad Guy

Bad Guys are an inevitable fact of life, and is no different. Eventually, some cheater will impersonate a Heavenly Host and will mug you. That is the beauty of the system. The administrator of the Host is also a administrator, and I take it personally when people use my ideas to cheat people. So, I will bring all of my powers as an admin, and all of my resources as a webmaster and all of my connections with players to stop these imposters. You can help me catch and punish these people by sending me proof of their dispicable acts. Here is how to report a bad guy.

  • First, make sure that they are a bad guy. Occasionally, connections are severed or comments are misinterpreted. So try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but if someone drops just before they lose, or is outrageously abusive in a chatroom, he is either an imposter or should no longer be a Host. Report him.
  • In order to act, I need proof. Films of the person dropping are good. Screenshots of them swearing at you are also good. I intend to hold the Hosts to a higher standard, and will not tolerate offensive Hosts.
  • Zip the films and compress the screenshots and then send them directly to me I'll handle the rest.
  • Note: Please only send me films and screenshots of people pretending to be Heavenly Hosts, I don't have time to deal with the other cheaters individually.

The First Bag Guy was caught yesterday. He obviously was not a smart Bad Guy. He was using Leadfeather's Game name. His name is Lord Emilius and his login emilius. If you spot him, tell him I'd like to talk to him...muhahahahaaaa

Our Sponsors

The following sites are sponsors of the Heavenly Hosts. If you would like to sponsor the Host, please link to this page and send me a note.

Brought to you by Gamestats, their affiliates and the number seven.
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