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- Roman Proverb

  January 24
Mudpit Massacre Update
.sit version now available - 2:25pm [Malory]
If you were having problems getting the version of Mudpit linked to below to work, whether ye be PC or Mac, there is now a .sit version of the map available. Sorry for any inconveniences.
Mudpit Massacre Conversion
A classic returns - 10:40am [Malory]
Mudpit Massacre was one of my favourite Myth:TFL maps. Thus, it was much to my chagrin when I discovered that, unlike Desert or Grave, it had not been converted for Myth II. So, I set out immediately to convert this most delicious of maps!

Without further ado, I present to you Mudpit Massacre Public Beta 1, which you can download here. The map includes the two original styles of Mudpit, as well as two versions excluding the center starting spot for those that prefer it, or want to play Stampede or KOTH. It also includes the Myrmidon converted from Myth 1.

Remember that this is a beta (although private testing was conducted before this release) so any bugs, feature requests, or qualms about anything at all should be sent to me at malory@mythcodex.com.

On a side note, I will be out of town until Wednesday the 27th, so no changes will be made until then.


Myth II Performance Survey
Does M2 run too slowly? This could help... - 10:40am [Malory]

Surfal has taken it upon himself to run a performance survey for Myth 2. It asks you to perform only a couple of small tasks, read the framerate, and submit it along with your computer specifications. You can reach his survey here. (note: At the time of this writing, I was unable to connect to the server, though I could reach it earlier...)

As one who has already conditioned himself to play under the dreaded low resolution, the results of this survey would be particularly helpful. If you're looking to boost M2's performance, then I suggest you fill out the form and see what conclusions Surfal can draw.

We’ve also been checking out some alternative games. FYI there is a list of new video slots that work on all platforms at https://allslotsites.com/new-slot-sites/.

  January 23
The Mac Is/Is Not a Viable Platform!
Gamespot goes schizophrenic - 6:00pm [Case]
The Gamespot poll asking if the Mac is a viable gaming platform is raging, and the verdict is 80/20/60/40 that the Mac is/is not a viable platform, or something. Apparently, Gamespot is so in tune with its Mac readers that it quarantines their responses to the poll in a Mac-only section of their website, because the poll returns different results depending on whether or not you visit on a Mac or a PC.

Is this an example of media bias, or a webmaster's oversight? It's too early to call, but I smell a conspiracy.

Leader Board Awake But Cranky
A few oddities mar the Board - 4:45pm [Ferrex]
A noted on the b.net page, the Leader Board is up and running again, though not in full capacity. Several strange things appear to be wrong with the board... the first thing that struck me was all of the garbage characters in those names, and--oh, wait, ASCII.

Anyways, the top players on b.net can be fawned over at the Board (my own absence is proof of a bug... or a feature...), and I expect we will have proper player and Order searching in the near future.

Major League Myth Needs You
Team count falling short of the minimum - 4:45pm [Ferrex]
Moridin sends word that the Myth Major League needs more teams:

The MLM roster currently has 20 teams, but this is not enough. I still need several teams in order for the league to begin. We still need teams, and that they must be registered by Tuesday, January 26. Hopefully there will be enough teams then in order to start the league the next day, Wednesday January 27.

It's a worthy cause, and is promising to be a great deal of fun. If tournaments are your thing, then check this out, as it's in many ways similar and good practice to boot. Swing by the site and sign up your team ASAP.

Myth II on ZDTV
You Americans have the coolest channels... - 4:45pm [Ferrex]
WTN... grumble grumble...

Ahem, SethRQ (I think) sends word that Ziff-Davis TV will be doing a (undoubtedly quick) review of Myth II in the near future:

ZDTV (Ziff -Davis Television) Sponsers(?) of computer gaming world magazine and gamespot.com have posted a review of Myth 2 on thier website here Myth II: Soulblighter (PC), and for those of you that get ZDTV they will probably show the review on their show this weekend at 4:30 est on Gamespot TV .

I'll have to settle with the web review, I guess... 9.2 out of 10 this time around.

Admins Arm Up
Typing drills begin... - 4:45pm [Ferrex]
With the announcement of the impending v1.2 updater, Blue -e.i- neatly summarized why the Admins are getting worried:

Does this mean we get to start asking every admin "When is the 1.2 going to be done??"

Yes, but at your own risk. Seriously folks, the Admins don't know when the patch will be out, so don't give them too much grief about it. We're just as eager as you are... doubly so, in fact.

Big List o' Cheaters
Is negative attention good? - 4:45pm [Ferrex]
Arikay just dropped this PR in my bloated In Box:

I have been getting tired of lamers and cheaters (hopefully b.net2 wont have as much), so I've decided to make a web site where you can submit films and what not of cheaters, so we can let the public know about these people. Curently I am looking for a better host than geocities (ick), so if anyone would like to volunteer it would be nice. Soon I am also going to be putting up a guide on how to stay off these lists (another words how to play fair and nice).

The site in question is Soulblighter's Dungeon, so now you have another place to send those cheater films to, besides cheater@bungie.com and us at the Codex (we appreciate the effort, and try to look at them, but we are just too dang busy to see them all...).

Missed Day...
Sorry about that lapse there... - 4:45pm [Ferrex]
In my infinite wisdom, I managed to lock myself out of my workplace again, and the conspicuous absence of coworkers didn't help much, either. As for the missed day, well, I'm paying for it in forum and email backlog, so give me a day or two to catch up.

I love my job I love my job I love my job...

  January 21
Version 1.2 Patch Update
Confirmation from Bungie - 7:45pm [Ferrex]
As noted on the bungie.net page, the Myth II v1.2 updater is progressing nicely. According to said post, the patch will address such issues as chat lag and right mouse button deselection, among others. And, in proper Bungie fashion, no release date is offered yet. Stay tuned!
Total Audio Update
More details from Marty - 7:45pm [Ferrex]
Kudos to Midnight, who sent in a letter he recieved from Total Audio's Marty O'Donnell, regarding the recent fire.

In the letter, he confirms that almost everything was destroyed in the fire, but that extensive off site back ups have preserved much of their newer work. And since the Townhall has already posted the letter, you can swing by there to read it.

Myth II Strat Guide
A complete guide from Gamers eXtreme - 7:45pm [Ferrex]
As also noted on ye olde bungie.net page, Gamers eXtreme have a fairly comprehensive strategy guide up, which is just the ticket for those new players out there.

And, when you're finished there and crave more, the Lexica's strategy forums are going strong too. Swing by and share your tactics with the other readers.

Extreme Warrior Database Needs Testers
Made a map? Help test it out - 7:45pm [Ferrex]
Agravaine sends word that the new plugins database at Extreme Warrior is in need of a few testers:

I'm looking for a few experienced mapmakers to help test The Battlefield before I post it to Extreme Warrior.

Also, anyone who has published a Myth II map - please email me at webmaster@extremewarrior.com so that we can get your map in the database.

Great way to get in early, no? Check it out.

Need to get in touch? Dig in.

Anything to add to the our sprawling megalopoly? Be sure to fill out your waivers and send it on in. After all, resistance is futile, no?

Brought to you by those webmaster guys. You know the ones. And the guys at Gamestats too. Make sure you ask before borrowing any images or HTML, lest we sic Case on you. And you don't want that, do you?

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