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Wednesday, July 29th

  • CODEX EXCLUSIVE - Novus Mundi [Munch] - 12:54 pm BDT

    Here's a sneak peek at the new layout for the Novus Mundi Tournament being hosted by the Knights of Eblis. KofE has souped up the interface providing a Strategical, Intelligence, and Military Advisors. This is shaping up to be one intense tournament.

    - 82k

    - 87k

    - 82k

  • The Strategical Advisor -
    This is where you make your moves and challenges. It shows you adjacent territories as well as a sense of the overall status of the tournament.

  • The Military Advisor -
    Here you'll issue and recall garrisons - send your troops to the front lines and back to defend your key territories. Keep your troops organized and marching forward....

  • The Intelligence Advisor -
    From here you can send spies to infiltrate your enemies ranks and give you the down and dirty on their strengths and next moves. Scouts take peeks at maps to see if any one is home - very useful for avoiding/finding combat

    Take a look at the screen shots (reduced to 800x580 resolution) of the different advisor screens.

    This note came in from Taft recently:

    Well, the tournament is moving along as scheduled. I am happy to announce that there will be no challenge submit/confirm BS like there was in the last tourney. The scripts will suggest a time and date to play, and it's up to you when you play your game if you don't like the time. (You'll have 3 days to play, or it will be a loss)

    There will be an orientation this Sunday, August 2, at 8pm Eastern on bungie.net. We'll meet in Bagrada...bring your order members along.

    Also, I need a list of 3 people in your order that you want to receive the emails for game times and such...we don't want to forward to entire orders this time. Everyone will still get emails like this one.


  • The Final Shakedown [Munch] - 12:54 pm BDT

    Well, the Shakedown Tournament has reached the finals and feedback is booming in the forum. The finalists are Papascrub, Malkavian, Pythos, Mundrid and Surfal. Frog in a Box will be the substitute. Good luck to all of you.

  • Countdown [Munch] - 12:54 pm BDT

    Here's a note from Pallor:

    Website: http://www.mythcodex.com/
    Contact: Meg Sagi (Pallor)
    Em@il: cybervox@mindless.com
    Host: 4dc


    You made it this far. Only 4 more rounds to go! Game play starts on Saturday July 25, 1998 with the second qualifying tier. Tier 2 is a best of 3 series of body count on 'Creep on the Borderlands' with a playing time of 18 minutes and a planning time of 2 minutes. Please make sure that the game difficulty is set to normal.

    Now is the time to contact your opponent so that you an schedule your games. To see who you will be playing please visit the Brackets section of the tournament website. The name of your opponent is also an email link to their contact person. (If your opponent is not in the brackets it means that their first tier playing time has been extended until Sunday morning. Your games for Tier 2 will be extended to Sunday August 2 if this occurs to your team.) Please email them to schedule your games. Remember you have until Friday July 31, 1998 at Midnight CST to submit your films in order to receive credit.

    If you have any questions please visit the Rules, FAQ and Information sections of the Countdown Tournament website.

    Thank you and good luck!

  • My Dwarf's Head is Bigger..... [Munch] - 12:54 pm BDT

    The Flying Dwarf's Head Tournament is over. (brief round of cheering and clapping) Here are the results after months of..er..playing:

    1st: Gore
    2nd: Mat Cauthon
    3rd: Luckyboy

    Next Tournament to be sponsored by Excedrin (that one's for you Taft.....)

  • Must be that time.... [Munch] - 12:54 pm BDT

    Well, I don't know what is going to happen to this page. I'm taking a leave from the Codex and Myth for a while. I need to climb up to a mountain cabin in the Andes and think for a couple of months. So, I'm leaving this page in the capable hands of the Codex staff. I'm leaving you with this last thought.

    For memory's sake of when I was running Tournament Central here's your moment of zen:

    They can call me crazy if I think
    All the cahnce I need
    Is one in a million
    They can call me brilliant
    If I succeed
    Gravity is nothing to me
    Moving at the speed of sound
    Just going to get my feet wet
    Until I drown
    - "Swan Dive" by Ani DiFranco

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