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All the Myth II Screenshots and Graphics you can handle, right before your eyes. This page is maintained by Malory. Send all input to him.

July 21, 1998 - Bungie's Screenshot of the Week #10 [Malory]

"The detail on this map is incredible- look at the cracks in the ice! But I'll bet that Berzerk is getting chilly. "

Poor Smyrnir...

July 15, 1998 - Bungie's Screenshot of the Week #9 [Malory]

"We've realized there are some units in Myth: The Fallen Lords that are so fun we just can't live without them. Ghols and Thrall... need I say more?"

Just a couple short things about this picture. Note the dying archer at the left.. ouch. Also, is it just me, or does it looks like corpses will actually protrude from the ground as noted by that crumpled ghol body?

July 9, 1998 - Bungie's Screenshot of the Week #8 [Malory]

"Take a look at this cozy little walled village with gates that open and close. They're obviously closing them so that the chicken can't get inside. "

Obviously. Heh, I had a good chuckle about that one. I can see a whole Myth culture evolving around the chicken: Orders, cults, etc.

Since I'm about to leave, here are my thoughts: looks cool.

Also, after seeing many screenshots, the new warriors don't look so bad anymore, though I still prefer the old ones.

July 9, 1998 - Overhead Map of "Going to Town" [Malory]

This was originally found at the excellent MacOS Rumors page where they did a small preview of Myth II. This overhead map was included in one of the pictures (click for the full screenshot) and it was the only thing I found particularly interesting.

It is the overhead map for the new netmap "Going to Town" in Myth II. Here's how Hiro described it after his trip to the Macworld Expo:

To get an idea of this map, take the water layout for "For Carnage, Apply Within..." and put that on a flat area with many slight alterations in the height around the corners (like small hills and such) and lots of trees and green grass. Also add a windmill in the lower right and an area that looks as if crops were grown in it. Also, add a lot of buildings in the center and you have this map. It is large.

You can even see the windmill and the town at the center (hence the name of the map) on the overhead.

July 3, 1998 - Bungie's Screenshot of the Week #7 [Malory]

"Here's a shot with the terrain mesh overlayed for reference- it's incredible how much more detailed the landscape can be with a 4x finer mesh. "

I can't say this is one of the more exciting screenshots they've put out, so as a result, there's not much to say! It supposedly demonstrates the 4x finer mesh, but, as Case pointed out, you can't really tell as there's nothing to compare it to.

I'll take the opportunity, though, to comment on how much better looking the textures are in Myth II. Yummy.

June 26, 1998 - Bungie's Screenshot of the Week #6 [Malory]

" This shot of the graveyard shows off two new cool but subtle interface refinements, as well as the first use of multiple water levels."

The two interface refinements referred to are the ability to scroll back up to view previous messages in a game and mous-over unit selection. Cool. Multiple water levels, for those of you who are wondering, means you can have water and different altitudes. For example: a pond on top of a hill.

The unit there, I believe, is a Warlock. If you look at other pictures of this unit, you will see the similarities -- most notably, the blue fire on top.

You can also spot some little structures in the top left. What are those, tombs?

And what does Bungie mean by "graveyard."? Is this a section from a single player level, or a netgame? As with everything... who knows?

June 26, 1998 - Bungie's Screenshot of the Week #5 [Malory]

" Taken from a game on one of the new net maps. Check out the fire in the distance. We're still modeling the Range Rover."

This appears to be a game of Flag Rally as is noted by the number on the flag.

Is it just me, or do the Mauls suddenly look smaller?

Range Rover, eh? I suppose this is a wee joke which pertains to the tracks visible in the picture.

June 26, 1998 - Bungie's Screenshot of the Week #4 [Malory]

"Large scale models will play a huge role in Myth II: Soulblighter. Crane your neck at this sneak peak of a ship at dock. "

In my humble opinion, this is the best looking screenshot yet. Check out the beautiful water and the fantastically rendered boat. Yum, yum. The boat appears to be stocked with a new unit, which I will nickname "Oafish Sailors."

Anyone else notice the chicken in the bottom left?

June 6, 1998 - Bungie's Screenshot of the Week #3 [Malory]

"Here's another shot showing the mess hall, the Baron, and his bodyguards. Don't let looks deceive you, he's diabolically clever."

This is the Baron from the much talked about second solo level entitled "Kill the Baron."

Note the Baron's bodyguards. Firstly, there are those axe-wielding, spiky-armored knights. I'm guessing that's the Stygian Knight, who also wields an axe. Those archers on the platform appear to be the same ones from all the other screenshots, creatively nicknamed "Dark Archers."

Boy, Mr. Le Baron sure looks mean! Especially with that funky hairdo.

May 31, 1998 - Blurry Screenshots [Malory]

These were taken by Roofus and Joram at E3 with a handheld camera, and were sent in to the Codex. They were originally found here.

There are 13 of them, so I won't post them as graphics, but you can download them using the links.

  • #1 - The Dwarven Pathfinder using his stealth mode to sneak in on those archers standing on the wall. Its flavor text does not appear to have been changed, though his name is Oni, the title of Bungie West's new project. You can see from the overhead map that the inhabitants of the keep are indeed enemies and that you have a large force parked outside the gates. Also, check out the drawbridge crank on the left.

  • #2 - In some alleyway of the keep. Is that warrior actually crouching behind the barrels? Cool.

  • #3 - A battle among warriors. Fight, fight, fight!

  • #4 - Oni, stealth mode engaged, scoping out the western gates.

  • #5 - This level looks HUGE. In this picture, interestingly enough, those warriors guarding the gates appear to be enemies as indicated by the overhead map. Could they have gone to Soulblighter's side?

  • #6 - Microsoft took a coffee break to play Myth II?

  • #7 - A warrior frollocking about among beatiful autumn trees with Herb the chicken.

  • #8 - I can't make out the warrior's flavour text... but I can tell that he's almost dead. Don't trip! Watchout for the chicken!

  • #9 - A skirmish between the warriors and the Stygian Knights. Check out the fire!

  • #10 - I can just make out the flavour text at the top. I believe it says "2 Archers" and some fir'Bolg looking names below that. Here's our first look at the axe-wielding Stygian Knight and the "dark archers."

  • #11 - The text at the top says "Into the Breach - Enter through the village and battle your way into the castle's inner keep. A dwarven pathfinder will be useful in lowering the drawbridge." Cool.

  • #12 - The new controls. The only actual new ones I can spot are "Taunt Enemy" and "Rotate Units Right/Left."

  • #13 - A great-looking title screen, but there are no new options. You can see that the "Tutorial" and "Replay Intro" are greyed out, which means, obviously, that those parts have not been completed yet.

  • Pigseye writes about these Screenshots, but also relating to a post below:
    About the guy who writes in on the Screenshots page about how nobody would ever build a castle like that... here's one more point. Note how, in screenshot 2 of the new E3 pics, there's a ramp leading down from the castle walls? Nobody would ever build a ramp in that direction. That ramp would force the defenders to fight with their right arms up against the wall, making dueling difficult... it should be built in the opposite direction, so anyone coming down from the wall has his right arm pinned against the wall in a fight. People in the middle ages actually thought about this sort of thing, when it was a matter of life and death to them... guess our standards are slipping in modern society. :-)
    May 28, 1998 - E3 Screenshot #2 (From OGR) [Malory]

    This one is probably a single player level, and it looks like it could be the same one as Screenshot of the Week #1. Firstly, and definetely most importantly, we have our first chicken sighting! :-)

    Secondly, we finally have a closeup look of the famed wooden warrior! Well, the results are in.. this is neither a samurai nor a unit on fire! As you can clearly see from the one in the top left, it is a unit carrying two swords. Also, the protrusions on its back appear to be crossed scabbards for their blades, though not all of them appear to have the same thing. Is this the Stygian Knight referred to in OGR's article?

    Finally, the windmill is moving! Whee!

    Make sure to include your views on the screenshot!

    May 28, 1998 - E3 Screenshot #1 (From OGR) [Malory]

    This is definetely a multiplayer game, as can be deduced from the flag in the background. It appears to be a somewhat snowy map, stained with blood and the fruits of battle. Check out the river on the left.. nice effects!

    Most notable in this picture are the two new units. The first is that huge beast wielding a club. He looks like a Trow/Giant type unit. Perhaps these are the Oghre, the race that was extinguished by the Trow, returned. Either way, he looks mean and nasty. Second is what appears to be some type of spellcaster on the left, as he is carrying a staff which doesn't look like it would serve much purpose in hand to hand combat. Could those dead fir'Bolg in the background be as a result of these guys?

    May 27, 1998 - Bungie's Screenshot of the Week #2 [Malory]

    "Don't you hate it when you finally go to the library to study and someone has checked out the only copy of the book you need? "

    Ah... a humorous description indeed, but unfortunately it does not reveal anything regarding the plot of Myth II. First of all, we have no idea whether this is a multiplayer game, which would explain why the warriors and zerks are killing each other, or whether this is a single player level, which means the forces of the Light are in turmoil. I leave you to draw your own conclusions, but let me know what you think.

    Now, on to the technical part. Firstly, everything seems a lot smoother and less jagged. The bloodstains on the ground seem of 3dfx quality. Then again, this might be a screenshot taken with 3dfx in place. Notice as well the pools of light surrounding the candles. Another remarkable thing is that.. well, it's in a building!

    What is that orange pile in the back there? I believe it is a dwarf moltov cocktail explosion in progress, as if you look carefully you can see the typical pile of satchel charges which indicates the remains of a wee one.

    Notice the stools, the tables, the shelves and especially the candles. Are you able to move them and knock them over? If so, be careful not to knock over the candles, there could be a... fire!

    As for the units, you can see that the new warrior is featured here, with a smaller, rounded shield and beards! Personally, I miss our old warrior... You can also spot the familiar Beserks, and I believe those are fir'Bolg in the background.

    Update (5/25-31/98)
    We now know that this is from a single player level. Namely, the second one called "Kill the Baron." Interesting, so the Light forces _are_ fighting the Light... Or, perhaps this is a level akin to "A Traitor's Grave," except those were Dark units -- ah, draw your own conclusions. :-)

    Update (5/25-31/98)
    Samurai Cat! has noted in his E3 report that this screenshot is from the second solo level in the game entitled "Kill the Baron."

    May 22, 1998 - Bungie's Screenshot of the Week #1 [Malory]

    "This shot shows the well-fortified gate of a keep you have to infiltrate. Check out the archers on the walls and the moving drawbridge! "

    This is the first Screenshot of the Week. Several interesting things can be spotted in this picture. Most notably, you can see what appears to be human archers, rather than fir'Bolg, atop the ramparts of the castle, or town wall. They seem to have been shooting flaming arrows, as can be seen by the burning tree. Also, you can spot what appears to be a new unit at the wall gates.. it is some type of "wooden" infantry unit. There are as well the recognizable Bezerks and Dwarves on the bridge in the distance. Wow, a moving drawbridge!

    Also, Bungie states that this is a "well-fortified gate of a keep you have to infiltrate." Since we know the Zerks and Dwarves are on our side, then those archers and the wooden-warriors must be enemies. I leave you to draw your own conclusions..

    A few perceptive readers sent in some more thoughts on this Screenshot.

  • Ramses II had something interesting to say:
    I was just reading over the info on the Bungie MII page and noticed a line about units having multiple attack methods, could this mean that the archers in their screenshot have a limited number of flaming arrows at their disposal in addition to their regular arrows? Also I'm not convinced that the Zerks/dorfs in the picture are opposed to the archers/wooden guys in the castle, after all couldn't those archers easily hit them from the distance indicated in the shot, especially if they had the range to set that tree on fire? I'm sure MTFL archers could, but none of the archers are firing...

    Instead I suggest that the shot is taken from one of the 'dark' storylines where you're playing the bad guys and must infiltrate a 'good' castle. The Zerks/dorfs outside the walls could be a scouting party just returning, explaining why the drawbridge is at half mast when they should have had plenty of time to raise it completely before the zerks/dorfs arrived.

    Well, I suppose it's true that you may be playing on the Dark side of the game, if there is one at all, and that the archers and the wooden-warriors are your companions. On the other hand, the fact that the archers aren't firing isn't really convincing since, after all, it is only a screenshot and the Zerks/Dwarves may very well be out of range.

    Couldn't the drawbridge be in the process of being raised?

    Also, at the risk of contradicting myself, do the archers necessarily have to be the ones who've lit the tree on fire? Perhaps Bungie had one of the Dwarves force-attack the tree, thereby igniting it.

  • Druss decided to pull out the 'ole magnifying glass and make a few more observations about the Screenshot:
    If your interested...here are some points I've quickly put together that I think not only make the fortification in the screen-shot unrealistic but also the complete opposite of "well-fortified".

    Crenelations along the tops of the walls: They are not decorations, which is IMHO definitely what they have been made out to be in this picture, (If not they are a feeble attempt at making the castle realistic) Crenelations were introduced as a means of protection against enemy arrows and, to slow the progress of the enemy coming over the walls. The gaps between each crenelation would definitely be no more than that of a man, and each crenelation wider than one if not two men. (which technically they are I guess...) Also the wall in between each crenelation would be around chest height to protect the lower body of the defenders.

    There is absolutely no conceivable reason to have crenelations on the inside of the walls. Unless of course the soldiers on the wall decided to start a fight with their fellow men...Or if an invading force was to take the wall, they would then have excellent protection against archers and such shooting from the ground inside the walls.

    No castle would EVER have trees anywhere near the walls for obvious reasons...Kill zones etc. [ editor's note: the reasons are obvious? :-) I believe he means that trees would give units an opportunity to hide behind to get protection from arrows. ]

    The drawbridge has no apparent chains or ropes attached to it, which would be used to raise and lower it. The tops of the towers (such oddly shaped towers they are as well) apparently have no use whatsoever. In fact they seem to be more likely to give protection against invaders rather than act as a means of flanking any men attacking the drawbridge.

    Buildings attached to the insides of walls: If an invading force was to take a wall, they then have to get themselves of the wall and into the town, village, etc. With buildings such as the one in the picture this would not be a problem at all, they'd just jump onto the rooves of the buildings, then onto the ground. If the buildings weren't there they might have to go down a narrow flight of stairs or something similar, which would be a lot harder as only a couple of defenders would be needed to keep them at bay.

    Well then, all those points are very trivial and probably pointless, unless MythII turns out to be one incredible game, but I think they should be making at least some effort to make it realistic...(They being Bungie of course). Not that Bungie would care what I might think...

  • Miscellaneous Graphics

    Pamphlet - June 26, 1998 [Malory]


    Thanks to Freewill, we have these pictures of the front and back of a Myth II pamphlet which was handed out at E3. Click on them for larger versions.

    Soulblighter - May 22, 1998 [Malory]

    This was found on Bungie's Myth II Page. Obviously, this a nicely done picture of Soulblighter, who seems to play a large role in Myth II. Look at those rippling biceps! You can also spot what seem to be some strange markings, or scars on his chest. Hmm... He is carrying that peculiar double-sided sword he did in Myth. There's also a battle silhouetted in the background

    -Hive had the following to say about this picture:

    In regards to Soulblighter's weapon... it is not a "peculiar double-edged sword", rather it's a type of a Japanese sword/spear called a "naginata". Typically these (just like all types of Japanese swords) have a single cutting edge.
    This could imply a few things about the Story of Myth II, so check out the Story page for more information on this.

    - Bahamut has more on the weapon:

    I'm afraid you both may be wrong. This weapon of the Soulblighter is refered to as a "glaive" in tags.gor. (that's what I get for wasting my time memorizing tags...)

    Soulblighter's glaive blow proj sogb 15131928 256

    Also, I found this definition at dictionary.com.

    1 definition found
    Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]

    glaive \glaive\, n. [F. glaive, L. gladius; prob. akin to E. claymore. Cf. {Gladiator}.]
    1. A weapon formerly used, consisting of a large blade fixed on the end of a pole, whose edge was on the outside curve; also, a light lance with a long sharp-pointed head. --Wilhelm.
    2. A sword; -- used poetically and loosely.
    The glaive which he did wield. --Spenser.

    Raven - May 30, 1998 [Malory]

    The Raven is the trademark of Soulblighter as he has the ability to turn into a flock of them. Nothing much more to say about this one.

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