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The Head
Since the war, I don't get many visitors.

A Note from "The Keeper of the Head"

Okay, okay... you can put down the torches and your various weapons of choice... "Ask the Head" has finally been updated. Don't blame your decapitated benefactor as it has been entirely my fault. "Real Life" has intruded upon me in a huge way over the past several weeks and prevented me from timely new editions. I will continue to try and keep all of my other responsibilities in check so as to serve the Myth Community as efficiently as before. With that said, may you enjoy this weeks' edition.

Reader's Letters - updated August 23, 1998

Greetings unfortunately severed Head,

Time for another strategy *shocked look* item that seems to be sadly lacking in the weekly letters.

The topic this time was mentioned a few updates back, Territories:

Lets say you're in a 4 person territory game (map is irrelevant): If you're playing territories, is it best to get fast units, which may take flags but not necessarily defend them (spiders, myrmidons), stable units, which may defend flags but may have trouble taking them (dwarves, fetch), or a mix of both?

Is it a logical goal to attain all of the flags in the level? If so, what strategies would you use to complete this? Would you head out with your entire army and hope to overpower anyone and everyone guarding a flag, or split up your fast units and hope to take them all?

A problem in territories is "camping". If you position yourself outside flags and wait for the time limit to run out to snatch them up, while doing other things in the meantime, I don't consider that to be "camping". You are effectively using your time, as well as maximizing your chance to win, but I have heard other opinions on it. What's yours?

-EvilHead ~EvilMen~

Of course, unit selection should complement your chosen strategy, but let me give you some tips from my favorite Terries unit makeup:

I tend to get a lot of tough, durable units (thrall come to mind) and set them on guard right on top of my "home flag". I try to keep a group of tough yet somewhat mobile units to do away with any closing artillery that could lay waste to my thrall and face any other threats which may present themselves. I grab some fast units (ghols if possible) for two main reasons: to scout and occupy empty flags during sudden death. As endgame closes, I try to grab nearby flags with the infantry and sometimes with some thrall if they aren't needed to defend at home. Of course, this sometimes works and sometimes doesn't... you really need to develop your own style that you are confident you can implement and alter "on the fly" as situations change in the heat of battle. For some more suggestions and recommendations, stop by the Myth Codex Strategy Forum and see what the contributors have to say.

It's "possible" to capture all the flags in a terries game, but usually when it's one team versus another: FFA terries is just too difficult since the more people involved in the netgame, the more likely it will be that someone will recognize your strategy and counter it quickly, much to your displeasure. I'm going to include a film Lophan played in a few weeks ago (it's v1.2) with and against some rather high-profile denizens of bungie.net. You'll see this strategy implemented in grand style, but only because I sat on the desk near Lophan's computer screaming at the top of my lungs... er, voice for him to do so. You can grab the film here.

The "camping" scenario you describe is about as valid a tactic as I've ever heard. If your opponents were scouting the playing field effectively, they would see what you were doing and done something to counter it. The fact that they whine and call you a "cheater" for fooling them makes them look all the more lame. If that's camping... "camp" away, I say!

Mr. Head,

It's SickSickBoy (formerly known as CheezBoy until a certain Head re-named me...) writing to tell you that I usually get that response from dismembered body parts. I talk to them a lot even if they don't talk back.... Anyways, I'm tellin ya to watch out for those cows. But you already know what I'm talking about, don't you?... Yes, I know all about you and the heifer orgy. Yup, that's why you were gone for a week. This letter is rather mooooooooooooooving, don't ya think? :)

-Sick Sick Boy (and I'm the sick one SHEESH!!)

Does your therapist know what you've been up to lately? Forget your lithium this morning?

Just to let you know: cows are little more than walking cheeseburgers and baseball gloves. Sometimes they make it into the interior of a Porsche or maybe even a Lexus, but that's it! There are no cow conspiracies. REPEAT: There are NO cow conspiracies.

I hope this settles it.

I have a simple question that no one seems to have asked of Bungie so far...

Is Myth 2 going to support Voodoo 2 cards? I know a VD2 will run regular Voodoo graphics, but there seems to be a fairly good installed base of them on the PC side, and a couple manufacturers are releasing them for Mac a few months before Soulblighter's (hopeful) Christmas release date.

So, is Myth 2 going to take direct advantage of special VD2 card features, if one is installed? Or are they going to let this pass, and stick with VD1?

Or, more importantly, would it even matter to the way Myth does graphics?


I am confident that Bungie will support Voodoo 3Dfx technology in Myth II: Soulblighter, but I am unsure if they will support any of the so-called "improved" features available with the Voodoo2 chipset. It would behoove you to email a similar question to support@bungie.com and see what they say. After all, anything is possible...

I, for one, would like to see Myth II take advantage of all that Voodoo2 has to offer since Lophan did have the foresight to buy one (and trust me... it changes your whole Myth experience). I guess we'll all find out in a couple of months, won't we?

Hello Head...

While I realize that you have no need for protection (seeing as you have Tiny on call 24-hours a day) I was thinking that you may need a private hitman....or group of them (you receive many letters, and, being as old as you are [pardon the term...I don't know whether or not your age is old for your kind] you must have some people you would like to... 'knock off' if you catch my meaning) Such as, people to call upon to use against people who send you emails criticizing your hair, and other such foolish things as that.

As you grieved in one of your letters (I have been a faithful reader..) "And, alas, there is only one Tiny..."

Call upon us when or if our services are needed,


Hmmmm... I could always use a couple extra henchmen to further my bid for... uhm... never mind.

Interesting offer. I'll take it into consideration. I have more and more need for "enforcement" these days and I need all the help I can get. Lophan has proven himself pretty useless over the past several weeks and has done precious little to change my impressions of him.

>If a bear craps in the woods, and no one is there to smell it...does it stink?

Well, you may have stumped me at first, but I have come to this rather obvious conclusion:

Bears do not have bowel movements like you or me. They simply crap too annoy nearby people and attract large swarms of flies. So, your question was a trick one, because a bear will only take craps to annoy people with its horrible smell.

Let me ask you this:

Why does www.download.com offer "StuffIt Expander" in .hqx form? The point of downloading StuffIt Expander is to decompress things, and how am I able to decompress things when I can't even decompress the decompressor?

-Chris the Crappy

Well, that's a mighty inventive answer, but nevertheless it is wrong. Nice try though...

Now THAT is a good question! [applause] Ever heard of a "catch-22" before? I don't really have an answer to that except to say that those versions of StuffIt Expander are supposed to be contained in "self-expanding archives". You might want to try going to Aladdin's website and see if you can grab it from there (perhaps they're a little more far-sighted than our so-called "friends" over at C.net). Best of luck...

I'm offended at how you responded to my letter last week. But that's probably because you don't know me. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing green pants. Or tweed jackets. Or a tie of any other color than black. In fact, I wear the same stupid ugly pants as everybody else (only my waistline is where it should be) and either a Bungie shirt or one of those polo shirts. I also wear these black business-looking shoes. Spitballs? That'd be the day... "Waste lines" was actually just a typo. I really wish you hadn't mentioned that though; it might inspire someone to go out and make a "fashion statement." There's not a chance in hell that I'd ever dress like a fir'Blog, though I may decide to dress like a Trow sometime...

PS: if I traded in all my units for 6 wights on a game of BC trow, would I have the element of surprise?

-Infinity Seven

Well, the Bungie T-shirts are a positive fashion improvement over what the rest of America's misguided youth are donning these days. Keep up the good work...

You dress like a trow sometimes, eh? Isn't that outfit a little more revealing than a fir'Blog? I hope you've got the abs for that outfit...

If you traded for six wights, I'd say you'd have the element of surprise all right... but it would only be worth it if you could use all six of them effectively. With BC/Trow scoring these days (with the advent of v1.3) you'd have to be pretty good with those lumbering bags of pus to make it worth it. If you ever pull it off, send me the film.

Er, how the hell do you type your responses? I mean... do you just bang the keys with your face? What? Also... Lophan has a girlfriend? How could this be? Wait... he's dating a squirrel right? Yeah... that must be it.

-White Wolf -=YKZ=-

My personal secretary, otherwise known to you good people as Lophan types my letters. I thought I made that clear in the first edition...

Yes, strange as it may sound, Lophan does actually have a girlfriend. At first I thought she was insane, but now I realize that she hangs out with him in an attempt to become canonized as a saint. I can see no other logical reason for subjecting oneself to his many quirks.


-michael dunphy

"Hey" is for horses. Did you stay up all night thinking about what you'd say? Go back to bed and come up with something else of equal intelligence...

Dear almighty Head...

Even though you didn't advise me to try the cheese...nor did anyone else (I'm the allergic guy...) I thought I'd give it a go, against the recommendations of numerous doctors...and for one shiny moment, I was in heaven, with cheese...It was a wondrous moment, and I now know what I've been missing...then the next moment...I was punted from heaven and put back in hell, as my entire body rejected the cheese. They almost had to decapitate me...I could've been your head apprentice...that would've been cool...except for the part where I didn't have a body....It was the greatest day of my life for one second...then for the rest of the day, it was pretty bad...

Anyway, I'm going to try and ask a real question... OK, you have infinite knowledge of Myth, and it seems obvious that you would've been around in the "old days" when the game first came out. I bought it the first day it was out and immediately ran to my local computer to get on b.net (after hearing all the great stuff from the beta testers, how could I not?) I got on, it was bliss...it was even better than that moment with my cheese...the game was great, and the people were cool... I played with the same people regularly...it was too fun... then, I went on vacation for a month, and had to live without myth...I think I was close to death by the time I got back... I got on b.net... and then I couldn't find a person without an ASCII character in their name and most games were BC/Trow. Well, what happened? In this one month, why did the great fun suddenly switch to BC Trow psychosis? Well, that's it, have a nice day... Oh yeah, with the release of 1.3, do you think these people will find a different map or stick with Trow? (ooo...fortune teller...er...psychic...er...whatever dammit!)


As I said before, your life must be HELL. Life without cheese is like nachos without tortilla chips.

Lophan, although he was not a beta-tester, has rambled to me about when he first played on bungie.net. He pre-ordered Myth through the Bungie On-Line Store (where you are encouraged to spend often, by the way) and went online as fast as his computer could install the game. He tells tall tales of playing against Bungie employees and other legendary names that have seemingly passed into oblivion. He tells of how what was once a pristine, clean online venue of death and mayhem slowly permutated into a "hive of scum and villanry" where pre-pubescent attention-wanters chipped away at the civility which once reigned supreme. I cannot tell you (and neither can Lophan with his limited use of correct English) what exactly happened or when it exactly started... all I can tell you is that it happened. There are some dedicated Myth fans out there who refuse to "give up the ghost", namely Clan Plaid, VR, Civil Disorder and the Heavenly Hosts to name a few. If you can find them, I highly recommend getting in on some of their games.

v1.3 has been out for a few weeks now, and when it was first released, you were hard-pressed to find a game in ranked or unranked that wasn't a 3rd-Party map. However, I have noticed many have reverted back to Bungie-maps and BC/Trow is still a favorite... except with the new scoring rules in Body Count, its not quite as prevalent (Thank God for little favors, huh?)

Dear Mr. Head (or can I call you 'The'?),

Given that your brain-to-body-mass ratio is the largest of any creature in existence, maybe you can help answer this question.

[First, goto this link and see the graph: http://www.mythcodex.com/dpgpercent.GIF]

This is a percentile plot of host-drops per game, for over 7000 bungie.net players -- 62.5% of everyone tracked by the leaderboard. To read this graph, pick at a percentage and read up to the thick line -- that percentage of players have that drops/game ratio or lower. So, over half the players have no host drops at all, and 90% of the players have a drop ratio of 0.06 or lower, fewer than 1 drop per 17 games.

Then there are the people that make up the very steep part of the curve that are doing something... different. Clearly these people are easy to identify. Suppose Bungie did something like deny the top 5% in the drops-per-game department their two free hostdrops per day... do you think it might put a dent in this curve?

Thanks, Patroclus, maintainer of the Myth Leaderboard Statistics Page, http://www.mythcodex.com/

I think Patroclus' research says it all. It's such a shame that some people out there are so rank-obsessed that they would intentionally cheat and ruin other's Myth experience just so they could have a little 2k icon next to their made-up Myth screenname. So very sad...

I have heard rumors of proposed scoring systems for Myth II that will take lame moves such as host dropping into account and penalize the guilty parties accordingly. Why, just the other day I came upon a celestial player and upon ".score"ing him found a rather disturbing statistic: 78 host drops. 78 HOST DROPS! Someone like that shouldn't be penalized... they should be executed! I'd be happy to loan out Tiny for such an exercise...

Dont you get tired of people asking you dumb questions?

-Cpt. Sqweky

Quite tired. Haven't you been paying any attention at all? What I'd really like are some strategy questions or some tasty Myth story question. Not "When is the reset?" or "When will the final v1.3 final be out?" Let me give you the answer you will receive if you happen to see an Admin or Bungie employee online and feel compelled to pepper them with such questions: "Soon" and "Soon". Feel better?

Greetings most Paramount Prognosticator,
(You asked for SAT words, I'm only too happy to help)

People seem to think Bungie will try a massive hostile takeover to control the world. I think they will just become a huge conglomerate and will have so much sway in governments that they will be able to transition power almost unnoticed. Much like what Microsoft tried, but with much better products to avoid all those lawsuits. Or would the hostile takeover and rule by fear be more up their alley?

Also I would like to have an example of an intelligent question to ask THE HEAD. That way the people would have a template to work with and your job satisfaction might go up.

Sadly, my supply of fruit loops is almost gone, but I remembered I also got some bulk amounts of Cheetoes. Those are like cheese aren't they?

One last thing. Please don't throw bodies onto the Grand Tetons. They are very beautiful and don't need any festering corpses. Try someplace where they won't be noticed like New York or something.

Thanks for your time, Dave

I only wish Bungie would let me in on their plans. Who knows?... maybe I could even help. But if they want me sit on the sidelines then I am more than happy to do so. Just as long as I'm not in the way when the "software juggernaut" starts rolling...

I can't give you the questions... that would kind of defeat the purpose of me having players like you use your brains for a change. We all know you do little more in school than sleep with your eyes open and ogle at the girl in pigtails from across the room. Just use some of that gray matter that is supposedly between your ears and let the questions fly. That is all...

New York has too many bodies lying around to begin with. The Grand Tetons have none (save some poor unlucky mountainclimber from time to time). They could use a little sprucing up with some random corpses and entrails, don't you think?

Oh most exalted Head,

Truly I am sorry that you have been unable to enjoy Severed Ed, the program I wrote to you about recently. Here is the URL for the Severed Ed page, from which I hope you will have no problems downloading this wondrous assemblage of 1s and 0s.


Well that would explain why Lophan couldn't download it: he's a Windows user. Fear not though, as his highly intelligent girlfriend is about to procure a PowerMac for the apartment, so all hope is not lost yet. I am looking forward to giving this "Severed Ed" character a piece of my mind. I'd give him a knuckle sandwich, except I just happen to be missing the necessary appendages...

ok, so I'm sitting here at my computer when suddenly, unexpectedly the craving hits, grilled cheese sandwich. It's 10 AM, not lunchtime yet, but I'm really hungry. All I have in my desk is cup of noodles crap, no cheese. So what the hell do I do, I need a grilled cheese sandwich really bad. Hmm, aaahh, I don't have a car today, I carpooled, nooooooooo!!!

Anyway a question now American or Cheddar? Which makes the better grilled cheese sandwich (I include only these two because they seem to melt the best, and bleu cheese sandwiches don't work all that well.....), oh and is Velveeta considered cheese? or is it some kind of hybrid between tofu and an orange Crayola?

Gotta go.


Actually, Velveeta works best for grilled cheese, but if you are sans-Kraft products... I'd choose cheddar. I'm not really sure how to classify Velveeta, but then again I don't care to. It tastes good and that's all I care about. All this talk is making me hungry... [Lophan! Warm up the skillet! I've got a craving!]

Comments: C'mon, Head!

Just tell these people what they want to know! Just because I can't anymo[mmmmff]...

-Tuncer who has no more to say...(is patted on head by Enforcer)

Um... for those of you who don't know, Tuncer is one of the bigwigs in a certain Chicago-based software gaming company. I find it a little disconcerting that his communiqué is being monitored. To be honest, I didn't meet any "Enforcers" during my time at their HQ, but then again I was in my carrying-case most of the time. I just hope he's okay...

Be strong, Tuncer! Be strong...

I noticed last week that you said Lophan had a girlfriend. Why would anyone date such a sniveling worm? Just wunnering. Good luck on securing a place in Bungie's New World Order.

Thanx, Xyron

Thanks for the well wishing. I'll keep you in mind when assembling my subjects after the reckoning.

As I pontificated upon earlier, I too have no idea why she dates him. He's odd-looking, smells funny and just generally annoying. I have more respect for her than I do him since I admire her efforts to bring him around to normalcy. Regrettably, I fear her efforts will prove fruitless...

Greetings Evil Head, future ruler of land conquered by Bungie,

In the nice frozen tundra of Canada :), we have a late night show hosted by Ed the Sock, a surly, wisecracking, cigar-smoking sock. Could this be a part of your severed and presumably lost body?

My question is how do you take screen shots during Myth? I wished to know so I can edit some of the screen shots and post them on my order's website, (the Soldiers of Tyr at http://fly.to/SoTPage). Sorry about that plug. :)

As I grovel in the face of your supreme omnipotence, I can only pray that you see fit to share your infinite wisdom with one as lowly as myself. (I sure hope this groveling helps:).

-Eadric {SoT}

My foot is in Hoser-land!?!? Gah! About time someone gave me a "heads-up"! (obviously no pun intended) I'll have to research where this "sock" actually is and what the story is behind it. If I could get my hands on my foot, maybe it could tell me where the rest of my body is scattered about... from the bottom of my, uhm... neck - thank you!

A pair of utilities are handy for taking screenshots. For the Mac, I recommend SnapzPro, available at Ambrosia Software (makers of many a game title for the Macintosh platform, including one of my personal favorites: Escape Velocity). For Windows, check out HyperSnap which is available at Download.com. Both allow you to perform screen captures by assigning "hot keys" which are functional even while Myth is running. I know Hypersnap supports 3Dfx & GLide screen captures, but I am not sure if SnapzPro does the same (but I would assume so). So, go grab these utilities and edit away!

Most Copious and Cavernous Cranium...

I have seen references to "FFA" and "KING." They usually refer to map scenario options. What are these and how do I access them?

Thank you most Friendly Frenologist!


FFA is short for "Free For All", and you can play one of those simply by logging onto bungie.net and playing in any game that is sans teams (that means "without" teams). KING refers to "King of the Hill" which was a game option that was disabled before the final release. There was apparently a problem with the scoring accuracy if someone started out with the flag (planning time counted when it shouldn't have been). Now that v1.3 is out, it wouldn't be too tough to design a map where this wouldn't become a factor (just make it so no teams can start on the hill). I would find this to be a better alternative to LMOTH (that's "Last Man on the Hill") since it would penalize the so-called "campers" and change the strategies on many of the most popular maps.

If anyone ever does make a map like this (I think Ferrex's "Raisin Barn" might have King of the Hill enabled), be sure to stop by the Libram Arcanum as they will be the most likely place to hold it within their ever-expanding archives. Get to it you intrepid map-makers!

Hi Mr Head,

I've been wondering, what is the tags/private folder for?

-Ked Shayer, Tweeks

I could tell you, but it's private. Don't concern thyself...

I'm new with 3rd party maps, and I was wondering if you could explain to me how to unzip the files so I can play the level. I would also like to now how to use 3rd party maps.

Thank You :-)


Well, first thing you could do is read the "Readme" that came with the v1.3 update (if you haven't updated yet, goto ftp.bungie.com or VR and get it). Then, either go to the aforementioned Libram Arcanum or The Canon here at the Myth Codex (click on "The Canon" button to the left). You'll need a decompressor to unzip/unstuff the maps, so try Download.com and get WinZip if you have a Windows machine or UnstuffIt if you have a Mac.

Let me once again extol the virtues of reading "Readme" files. They are not put there just for fun. They will sometimes contain the answer to that one little question burning away at your psyche and put your weak little minds to rest. So, next time you feel the urge to email me or the author of a piece of software complaining "why is this happening" or something to that effect, read the Readme. You just might surprise yourself...

Myth won't work with "Yeti.gor" in the plugins folder. How can I play the Yeti level if it keeps saying 'too much memory and too many window screens are opened" when I have over 140MB and no windows open except AOL?

P.S. I got the file from the Codex Canon


First thing, AOL just might be your problem. I recommend getting your own local ISP and using AOL via TCP/IP. Failing that, I do not know why your machine is giving you a memory error is you're truly packing 140MB of RAM. Check and see how much memory is allotted to AOL: it might be hogging a bunch more memory than it should be, so check to make sure that's not the source of your problems. See if that works, and if you continue to have problems, let me know and I'll put my "crack-staff" to work on it (read: Lophan... sometimes he acts as if he's "on" crack).

Hello. I'd like to share a loving poem - straight from the heart, from me, to you.

M is for the monsters, who'd like to have my head.
Y is for Yeroen, without whom we'd be dead.
T is for the thrall, which like to take their time.
H is for the headache I get when I try to rhyme.


Who ever said art was dead?

Your tribute has brought tears to my eyes. Even Lophan got a little misty for a moment there.

Beautiful man... beautiful...

Dear Mr. Head Guy Dude Sir Man Person Appendage Thing,

I have but five simple questions to ask of your most omnipotent self:

1.) Is there any site where I can download films of 3rd party maps?
2.) What, exactly, is a lemur stick? Why are people always beating people with it, when they could use a Large Rubber Mallet™?
3.) Who is smarter, Lophan or Tiny?
4.) What's up with that "May I Have Some More Soup" thing?
5.) What on earth is WRONG with this Duckmon guy? Is he on some sort of medication, or is he just naturally stupid?

PS: HA! I'm on the Ask the Head page and you aren't! Take that, Holy Paladin!

-Eye of the Beholder

Here we go again:

1.) Yes... the previously mentioned Libram Arcanum is the foremost site for obtaining 3rd Party maps and the Codex Canon is a repository for the creme de la creme the Myth Community has to offer.
2.) Let's just say that if you don't know what a lemur stick is, odds are that you haven't been beat with one yet, and that is a Good Thing™. I can't comment on the Large Rubber Mallet except that I know the Lemur Stick leaves telltale marks, which last a lifetime.
3.) Tough call. Trow aren't really known for their stellar intelligence, but Tiny can surely hold his own. Lophan, on the other hand, apparently graduated from college (I've seen the diploma... strangely Tiny can read it while Lophan can't... it's written completely in Latin) although I can't imagine how he fooled them for four entire years. Perhaps he actually has some talents.
4.) Precisely... what is up with the "May I Have Some Soup Thing?" Sometimes I like a piping hot bowl of Manhattan Clam Chowder or nice spicy seafood gumbo. Wanna make something of it?...
5.) I wouldn't say he's stupid... he's actually quite a player (he smokes Lophan on a regular basis, but then again Lophan is no prize in Myth). I just think he has a problem with my apparent fame and recognition. After all, the only things that follow him around are a bunch of ducks, and all they're good for is stopping traffic when they cross the street. Hell, if I were behind the wheel, it would be dinnertime. Flat-roasted duck.

Dear notable noggin,

I finally managed to dig up some questions that may stump even you, here goes.

1. Why do they call it a Fetch if he can't pick anything up?
2. How is it half naked archers and light, bodiless Soulless move slower than warriors wearing heavy armor?
3. Do wights eat at Taco Bell?
4. Could a Fetch hurt you if you were standing on a rubber mat?
5. Has anyone ever hired a Forest Giant to take Tiny down?
6. And once again, how can you say the cutscenes in Myth are good? Did I miss something? How can Saturday morning cartoons of people standing around possibly be better than the 3D rendered cutscenes of today?

Hopefully this will make your head explode like Balor's!


Please, try to refrain from using phrases such as "dig up"... it reminds me of a time I'd much rather forget...

1. I think the name "fetch" just sounds cool. Furthermore, I doubt they're the ones who came up with the name for themselves. I mean, I didn't name myself "Head", but I guess it is kind of obvious how I got that moniker.
2. Well, the fir'Blog don't have much in the way of leg muscles, but on the strategic side, it is only fitting that a form of artillery should move slower than infantry. Otherwise, archers would kick even more butt than they already do. As for soulless, it's a trade off with them. They are slow, but they can perch themselves upon impassable terrain. Once again, if they moved any faster they would be a much more deadly unit. (Game balance anyone?...)
3. I haven't seen any wights there. Lophan hasn't either and he eats lunch there at least twice a week (he's almost broke, but that's another story). Maybe the Taco Bell marketing department should drop the cute little dog and replace it with Wally the Wight. Hey, if you eat enough Taco Bell food, you sometimes feel like a wight... so full of gas...
4. Interesting question. Why don't you stop by Lophan's place: we'll invite some of Tiny's friends to come by, get a couple rubber mats, have you stand on them and we'll light you up like a Christmas tree. Sound good? Let me know when you're available.
5. They have tried. They have tried often... but Tiny is a wily one. Always one step ahead of them. He still has enough friends in the now defunct Dark Army to call upon should he sense an ambush in the works. Those Forest Giants... they never seem to learn.
6. Say what you will: I like them. I'll not waste more precious breath defending them. You want to complain to someone?... email Bungie and rant to them. I think Helen Keller is in charge of the "Cutscene Complaint Department". Good luck!

Hola, Senor Cabeza!
(Hey, the usual respectful greetings were becoming stale, so I decided to spice mine up a bit)

While reading the post-mortem on Myth by Jason, I came across some interesting info on Uber, the code that handles the multiplayer part of Myth. Seems that you can create plugins that extend Uber's ability to handle various forms of networking. A quick check in my modules folder confirmed that yup, AppleTalk and TCP/IP plugins were currently in residence. So my thought is this - if plugins can be created, it would seem easy (at least easy from my non-programmer point of view =) for Bungie or even a third party to write a plugin for Modem to Modem or IPX support. This would address the problems of an earlier letter and many others I've heard that have expressed the same concern. Am I correct in this assumption? Secondly, do you know of any attempts, on Bungie's part or by someone else, to write these plugins?


Again, I'm no coder, but I suppose it is possible. Perhaps someone with lots of free time can write something to support this modem-to-modem support for the PC (it already exists in another form for the Mac via NetLink Remote). Consider this an open letter: if you can do such things, email Bungie and see if they'll give you a hand in this matter. If they say "sorry", go ahead and try it yourself.

In the Game Myth: The Fallen Lords, where is the hidden tunnel in the level Flight From Covenant?


Whew! I though you were going to ask me about the "Flight from Covenant" level in Warcraft II...

Once again: I will give no information out on this page that will spoil the solo adventure to the rest of the public. Goto Satan's Sons of Myrgard, grab the "Flight from Covenant" walkthrough film, and you'll find out exactly where said tunnel is located.

Your headness,

Anyone who spends too much time surfing myth sites, like me, has seen the pictures of Alric's flying head in the final cutscene. And just about everyone has heard that Alric will be back as king in Myth II. The consensus seems to be that the cutscene was made before the Myth II plot was finalized.

So my question is: Will Alric be ruling sans body? It's not too unreasonable, in the world of myth being decapitated seems about on par with skinning your knees. Painful, but no great setback. You yourself seem to have gotten along all right, and Balor was doing reasonably well for someone missing 9/10ths of himself, at least before he got chucked in the pit.


That head does not necessarily belong to Alric. Remember, there were eight other Avantara (dost thou recall "The Nine"?) I submit to you that said "head" belonged to one of the other eight. If you wanted me to elaborate, let me just say this: NDA. 'nuff said.

I do quite well without a body, thank you. In many ways, it's liberating. When I fly on a plane, I travel for free... although I do prefer to travel in a carry-on bag. You should see the look on the faces of the security guards when I go through the x-ray machine! I try my best to smile for the camera...

jello mr. head,

I have a question for you: in myth 2 is it possible that archers can burn people with burning arrows? I really would like that!

oh and another question: do you love cheese and beer


Uh... yes. You should check out Bungie's Myth II Page as it gives hints on what Myth II: Soulblighter has in store for all of us. Archers (humans... I guess the fir'Blog renewed their dislike of humanoids) will have one flaming arrow each and the flames will cause damage to units. Just think... and they won't even have to call for the torch boy... (movie reference).
Yes, I do enjoy cheese and beer. My favorite is Affligem Triple: a Belgian White beer made by monks since the 1100's. Short of that, I can go for a Celis White, classic Guinness or even a little Yuengling Lager. Uh oh... I feel another craving coming on...

Hey gross looking disembodied head,

I have some interesting questions that I cant seem to find the answers to.

1. You have 12 chickens. A fox eats 13 of them. How much pressure does it take to break the dam?
2. Can I borrow your liver?
3. How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?
4. Just how would you survive without Tiny the trow?
5. who the heck is Fathach?
6. Where is it?
7. Fiddle dee diddle dee piddle dee doo.
8. What is your name?
9. What is your quest?
10. What is the capital of Assyria?
11. What is your favorite color?
12. What is air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
13. Did you make castanets out of that poor guy's [omitted]?
14. I carry a shotgun with me everywhere I go. why do people keep giving me money?

I suppose that's all...

-Archeon Sadakari

Uhm, I would normally answer your questions with a condescending sarcasm that would likely be lost on you, but I shall spare you and the rest of my audience from such treatment. If you should ever decide to ask some actual questions, I'll be here... ready and waiting.


Please, it has been a month!

-Ked Shayer, Tweeks

Okay, okay! You're right. Blame Lophan... he's the one who thinks his real life is more important than Myth. I try to convince him differently, but he insists that he needs to earn "money" to pay for things in your world. I like Myth better: you want something?... you kill the owner and take it.

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