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The Codex Canon

Playing 3rd Party Myth maps has been made much easier with the release of Update 1.3 but it is still a phenomenal hassle. First, you have to find the maps, then you have to decide which ones were worth the massive download, then you have to get all of your friends to download the same ones so you can start a game on bungie.net without spending hours waiting to gather enough people to play with. Now, a really well-designed map has enough depth and strategic value to provide for many, many fun games, but the process of getting these games started is prohibitively difficult.

However, we at the Codex have tried to take the difficult, unenjoyable aspects out of 3rd Party maps. We have waited through the gigantic downloads, we have cut out the terrible maps, we have dismissed the decent maps, and we have extensively play-tested the good maps to bring you a list of the absoulte best 3rd Party maps. The maps in the Canon are, in the opinion of the Codex staff, the absolute best maps the Myth community has to offer.

We also eliminate the hassle of gathering games on these new maps. First, we provide a central source, so you can tell people exactly where to go to get the maps. Second, we provide security. Since we host these select maps on our server, they will always be here, and you don't have to worry about broken links or missing files.

Finally, and most importantly, we hope to be able to provide standardization. It would have been nice if bungie had simply released an expansion pack with new maps. Then everyone would have them, and you would never have to wait for a group of players that just happened to have the map you wanted to play in their libraries. If we are succesful in making the Codex Canon a standard, most people will have it installed, and it will be simple to quickly gather games using a Canon map.

We will update the Canon as new maps are released, and as older maps lose their freshness, so if you have a suggestion for a map that should be included email us.

The Codex Canon v 1.2 - 5.9 M  .sit | .zip

  • Blackwater Cove - 2.4 M  .sit | .zip

    Explore this scenic cove with care...its glimmering depths hold terrors and its beautiful shores are soaked with the blood of the vanquished.
    • Author - plague of Badlands
    • Versions - Light, Dark and Slugfest

  • Raisin Barn v 1.0.3 - 2.5 M  .sit | .zip

    Experience true urban combat for the first time with Raisin Barn as you learn brand new strategies and deal with new elements of tactical combat.
    • Author - Ferrex of The Myth Codex
    • Versions - Light, Dark, Team, Light(Blind), Dark(Blind) and Team (Blind)

  • VR's Pool Party - .9 M  .sit | .zip

    Enjoy the unique blend of a relaxing swim in an Olympic size pool and a massive pyrotechnic battle between drunken, soggy dwarfs. Dibs on the Trailer!

  • If I had a Yeti... - 1.3 M  .sit | .zip

    Encounter the majesty of the vast snowy plains and frosty peaks of Yeti, the first completely new 3rd Party map.
    • Author - Fisj
    • Versions - Light and Dark

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