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News Archives

An archive of Myth's history, the Codex news archive is vast, reaching well back before Myth's release and in the day's of speculation that preceded it. With the recent addition of two new news sections, our Myth II news and Tournament news, we have reorganized our archive to make it easier to navigate, and hopefully a bit more interesting to read.

At the moment, the archive is incomplete-- converting all of that content into Codex v2.0 format is a little tedious, but we're working on it!

Main News Archive

The Main news archive covers just about all things Myth, and many things related to the Codex and it's predecessors, Myth Unlimited and the Myth Grimoire. These are by far our most expansive archives, and among the most complete of any Myth site.

Myth II News Archive

Our newest news section, our Myth II news has been tracking Myth II: Soulblighter since it's announcement (even before then, actually... ;). Over time, you might see it surpass or even supplant our Main news section and archives, but thus far its beginnnings are humble.

Myth Tournament News Archive

Extending the efforts of Muncher at Tournament Central, our Myth Tournament news tracks the present state of most Myth tournaments. Similarily, our archive tracks the events of past tournaments, and will no doubt continue to grow as Myth progresses into Myth II.

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