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Myth News

The Main Codex News page, where you will find all of the cutting edge information, the hard-hitting stories, the irrelevent distractions and the bizarre rumors that you will ever need. Most news pages are dull, repetetive and rarely visited because they hamper their creativity by only reporting reliable, truthful or plausible information. The Codex, on the other hand, often chooses to follow the example of the mainstream press and abandoned journalistic integrity in favor of raving sensationalism and reckless speculation (woohoo!).

You have been warned.


  • Daily Myth News

    Our main news page, updated daily and saturated with the latest stories about Myth events, rumors, and daily happenings. Dynamic and reliable, this is an excellent place to find your daily fix of Myth news.

  • Myth II News

    The most accurate and complete Myth II news site on the web. If you're interested in tracking the progress of Myth's hotly anticipated sequel, you have found the only source you need. Updated as frequently as possible, whenever content allows.

  • Myth Tournament News

    The Tournament News page has all of the information that you'll need to enter a tournament, keep track on a tournament that you are in, view the results of the multitude of tournaments out there, or host one of your own.

  • News Archive

    The News archives contain records stretching back even further than the Codex does, into the days of the Myth Grimoire and Myth Unlimited. Looking for a blast from the past? These hefty archives will give you all that you need. Check our predictions, see what you missed, reminisce about the past, or just mindlessly surf.

  • Contributors

  • Ferrex the Dead [ferrex@mythcodex.com]

    Liason to the afterlife and senior news reporter at the Codex, Ferrex has been bringing you the best stories and the most cutting edge investigations since Myth's ancient beginnings. Contact him with anything that's newsworthy.

  • Malory [malory@mythcodex.com]

    Malory is "just another reporter," who specialises in Myth II. You will often find him, however, infiltrating the main news page beside Ferrex. Email him with any interesting news item you might have, and especially if it pertains to Myth II.

  • Muncher [muncher@mythcodex.com]

    The most informed and connected reporter in the domain of tournaments, Muncher makes sure that you can find all the information about tournaments in one place. Contact him with any tournament information.

  • Khayman [khayman@mythcodex.com]

    Khayman is the Codex's internet news reporter. He handles new site announcements, site closings, interesting features on other sites and lesser known site promotion. Contact him with news about your site.

  • Case [case@mythcodex.com]

    Senior Editor of the Codex, Case deals with large promotions, reviews, contests and internal Codex news. Contact him with major proposals and exclusive promotions.

    Need to get in touch? Dig in.

    Anything to add to the our sprawling megalopoly? Be sure to fill out your waivers and send it on in. After all, resistance is futile, no?

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