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Myth Forums

Welcome to the Myth Codex's Forums, the place where our readers actually do our work for us and create the Chapter's content... hehe, and they don't even know it! Anyways, the Codex hosts several forums, each one dedicated to a different topic and with a different style. Readers are free to participate where they will, but be sure to heed the rules of each forum in order to keep them useful and enjoyable for all.

  • Topic Forum

    Occassionally, a topic of such importance and such controversy will erupt that it deserves it's own forum. The topic forum is devoted to these discussions, and the current topic is listed clearly at the top of the page.

  • Bungie.net Forum

    Curious about bungie.net's features? Want to warn people about a bungie.net scam? Desperate to find out the best way to entice people into your games? Contribute to the bungie.net forum! Please, no slander or name-calling-- this is a civilized forum of rational thought, speech, and debate.

  • Myth II Forum

    The latest suggestions for Myth II and discussion of rumors and press releases. Myth II promises to be a fantastic game, and we want to hear what you think about it. Additionally, we want to hear what you think about what others think about it.

  • Rumor Forum

    If you have a completely unsupportable accusation, a completely biased declaration, a ridiculously impossible rumor or some reckless and dangerous speculation, the Rumor forum is your venue!

  • Tournament Forum

    Plan a new tournament, discuss a current tournament and arrange matches or rounds. Or do all three at the same time! Or in any combination of the three! The possibilities are only just barely finite...

  • Strategy Forum

    If you just discovered the most revolutionary tactic since pus packets, or if you desperately want to know what a pus packet is, the strategy forum is for you. Use it to respond to posts in the Academy, or ask the facuty questions. Use it to test out ideas, or to refine other people's techniques. Just use it.

  • Technical Forum

    If you have technical questions or are having trouble setting Myth up properly, post your question in the technical forum where it will be pondered by our elite (heh ;) staff of technical experts.

  • Compare RTS Forum

    The debate is on. Is Myth the best RTS ever, or does it transcend the category completely? Discuss this topic and more at the Gamestats Compare RTS Forum that is graciously hosted by Age of Empires Heaven. Go defend Myth from its detractors, but be sure to do it with style and class.

  • Contributors

  • Case [case@mythcodex.com]

    Volunteer moderator and reader of the Codex's forums, Case takes time off of his Senior Editor position to help moderate and generally keep an eye on the forums. Contact him if you see something of extreme interest or despicable wrongness.

  • Muncher [muncher@mythcodex.com]

    As our Tournament News Editor, Muncher moderates the Tournament forum. Contact him with tournament questions.

  • Samurai Cat [samcat@mythcodex.com]

    Liason to the world of cryptic programming languages, Samurai Cat is our resident guru of Perl technobabble. If things are going hideously wrong, he'd be the person to get in touch with.

  • Ferrex [ferrex@mythcodex.com]

    Always happy to lend a hand and make a pointless statement, Ferrex drifts in and out of the forums whenever possible, most frequently haunting the Technical and Myth II forums. Contact him if you notice anything news worthy in the forums.

  • Malory [malory@mythcodex.com]

    Malory is a general reader of the forums who keeps an especially keen eye on the Myth II forum. He notes any particularly interesting things he spots there, and tries to participate actively in the discussion.

    Need to get in touch? Dig in.

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