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Though the foundation of any Myth site is its news section, a thriving collection of features provides and excellent resource for Myth enthusiasts, and it allows for a more complete discussion of a single issue or project. The Codex has accumulated a large section of features through its history, and they are an important part of the site.

  • Codex Exclusives

    Exclusive features that you won't find anywhere else. Tours and pieces that could only come from the Myth Codex.

  • Reviews

    In our reviews section, the Codex staff gives informative and useful reviews of the latest maps, utilities and patches. Learn about products before they are released, hear what we think about them before you download them, or get some great promotion for your projects.

  • Interviews

    Interviews of important and interesting celebreties of the Myth world including tournament winners, programmers and Bungie employees.

  • Screenshots

    Exclusive, bizarre or revealing screenshots sent in by our readers or found during the investigations of the Codex staff.

  • Editorials

    From enlightening investigations to lively rants, these editorials trace the hottest Myth topics and run the range from helpful and insightful to extreme and controversial, but they are always interesting.

  • Contributors

  • Case [case@mythcodex.com]

    Since he lacks the daily resposibilities of most of the rest of the Codex staff, Case gets to do most of the features, including editorials, interviews and reviews. Contact him if you have a project that you'd like reviewed or you want to do an interview. We do not accept editorials from non-staff members.

  • Ferrex the Dead [ferrex@mythcodex.com]

    Outside of an occassional rant, Ferrex's main contribution to the feature section of the Codex is the numerous exclusive and rare screenshots he collects. Contact him if you have unusual screenshots.

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